about us

From Pastor Karl
Hello Cornerstonians! (and anyone else who might have stumbled in)
Welcome to the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship website.
There are two main reasons for the existence of this website:
  1. To keep the church family informed and equipped about what's happening at the church and how they can be a part of it. For instance, if you're in church on Sunday we'll have streamlined audio of the message. Or if you wanted to come to an event, but forgot when and where it takes place, we'll be here for you 24/7.
  2. To operate as a ministry of the church. We're constantly adding tools to help people in their daily Christian lives, even if they can't attend the church. We'll be making more online ministry available as the website grows.
The idea is this: if someone is looking for help on a particular life issue or theological question, and we have recently done some teaching about that subject, we want them to be able to find whatever help we can offer, even if they don't live anywhere near Fountain Valley, California, and whether they're looking for Cornerstone or not.
We're constantly working on this, so here's how you can help us to help you. Check out the entire sight. See what we offer and tell us how it works for you.
We'll be adding and updating regularly, so add us to your Favorites list and come back regularly.