September: Getting to Know You
Sub Themes: All about Me, Family and Friends, Rules, Manners, Hygiene
Science: Learn about germs, Trees and roots, apples
Language: Letters A, B, C; Name recognition
Color: Red  Shape: Circle
Math: Bigger/Smaller

October: Fall/Harvest
Sub Themes: Pumpkins, corn, Leaves, harvest food (Corn, wheat)
Science: Light/Dark; color changes
Language: D, E, F, G and H; My name starts with.../Writing name
Color: Orange  Shape: square
Math: Counting and one on one correspondence

November: Thanksgiving
Sub Themes: Nutrition, Families, Feelings, Pilgrims and Native Americans
Science: Tasting; nutrition; experiments with celery stalks and carrot tops
Language: I, J and K and review; younger children: textured tracing of letters
Color: Yellow  Shape: Triangle
Math: Grouping and sorting

December: Christmas
Sub Themes: Giving, Jesus Birthday, traditions
Science: Sink and float; touch and textures
Language: L, M and N, review. name recognition and tracing
Color: Green  Shape: Star
Math: Sorting and patterns

January: Winter
Sub Themes: Snow, Seasons, Hibernation, New Year
Science: Ice and Cold; Melting
Language: O, P, Q ; progress report testing
Color: Blue  Shape: rectangle
Math: Measuring

February: Community Helpers
Sub Themes: Fire Safety, 5 Senses, Community Helpers, Valentine's Day and Love
Science: The Five Senses
Language: QU Wedding celebration, R, S, T
Color: Pink  Shape: Heart
Math: Sorting, Patterning and Counting

March: Weather and Easter
Sub Themes: Rain, rainbow, New Life, St. Patrick's Day, Easter
Science:Weather and rain experiments, baby animals
Language: U, V, W, X; Name and Letter games
Color: Rainbows!  Shape: Oval and Shamrock
Math: Stacking , graphing and  predictions

April: International Day and Spring
Sub Themes: Gardens, flowers, seeds, Earth Day, Insects, Your country for International Day
Science:Planting and growing
Language: Y, Z and review; Dot Marker letters (for young kids)
Color: Purple  Shape: Review and complex shapes
Math: One on One Correspondence and simple addition

May: Animals; Mom
Sub Themes: Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Pets, Ocean Animals, Moms
Science: Animal names and types
Language: Sound reviews, Blending sounds, letter tracing for young classes
Color: Brown, gray and Black Shape: Review
Math: Patterning, simple addition and subtraction

June: Transportation and Dads
Sub Themes: Trains, Boats, Airplanes, cars, rockets; Dads
Science: Magnets and things that go
Language: Sound review, letter and tracing review
Color: Review Shapes: Review
Math: Sorting, graphing, counting